About Southern Snap

Sam and Nick Dabit are two brothers born and bred in the South. They call historic Savannah, Georgia, home and call themselves the luckiest guys in the world. With farm land close to home, a ten-minute drive to the coast, and the best wardrobe around, it's no wonder a new adventure finds them every day. But whether they're taking the boat out and watching the sun set on the water or getting up at dawn to go hunting with their dad, they've always wondered: How can we share Southern traditions with the world?


And that's why they started Southern Snap.


Every Southern Snap feather bowtie has a unique backstory. From the hues of twilight on the beach to the shade of their sister’s favorite dress, the colors in Southern Snap's feather bowties reflect the beauty of life in the South. And the feeling you’ll get from wearing one might inspire you to start some traditions of your own.


Tell us your Southern story. Snap a picture with our product and tag us: #SnapoftheSouth, and we’ll share our favorites on our website.