Peacock Feather Bowtie

Peacock Feather Bowtie


Our Inspiration: The peacock, our inspiration to our feather bowtie collection. The first time we saw this animal, we knew it was something special. Our feather bowtie collection logo was created from the beautiful feathers of the Peacock.

Product Description:

  • All feather bowties are genuine feathers.

  • Pre-tied: so that the feathers stay in place.

  • Adjustable hooks: fits shirt sizes 14-19

  • All bowties come with matching feather brooch

Boxing and Packaging: Our feather bowties come in a pinewood bowtie box. All feathers are all natural. To keep feathers in good shape, placing it in an all natural pinewood box keeps your bowtie in good shape and away from lights and moisture in the air.

Where is Southern Snap from? Southern Snap was created in the great city of Savannah, Georgia. All bowties are inspired from Savannah. Each bowtie has a unique story behind. All bowties are a great conversation starter and introducing the story behind each one will make your conversation even better.

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